About Dr. John B. Evans

Dr. John B. Evans (Dr. John) earned a Ph.D. in clinical social work at the University of Texas – Arlington (1994) and two master's degrees in the behavioral sciences. Dr. Evans is a published author about personalities and was an adjunct professor in social work for five years at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas. For decades, Dr. Evans has concentrated on multiple areas, including personalities, family systems, individual/couples/family/group therapy, difficult relationships, stress management and substance abuse, worked with troubled youth for the Dallas school district, and conducted evaluations for Dallas Probation for 8 years. Dr. Evans was a licensed supervisor training other therapists in Dallas for years before moving to Colorado.

Dr. Evans realized years ago that the more a person knows about himself or herself, the more control that individual will have over his/her thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This is why Dr. Evans spent years writing his book, WHY YOU DO THAT, and he uses his book to help people learn to understand themselves, their relationship, or their past or present family functioning. Dr. Evans emphasizes self-understanding to drastically increase self-awareness – the holy grail for personal change.

"The unexaminded life is not worth living."
- Socrates

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